Today’s victory

We have recently moved. And when I say “recently,” please understand that this has been a process that started in February, capped with nearly a month of transitional housing. All along the way, people have asked that dreaded question: “Are you excited?”

They have bright, wide eyes and good intentions. They are usually smiling. And I’ve been stumped as to how to respond.

When I was first pregnant (hang with me here, it’ll make sense) I called my sister to announce the big news. I expected, since she had more than one child, for her to be excited for me. I was incorrect. Once I recovered from my initial shock, my ears opened up enough to hear her why. Pregnancy, she said, is hard. She was not excited for hard on my behalf. Pregnancy is also work. She was thrilled at the thought of the child to come, but not for the path necessary to get there.

I wish I had had the presence of mind to connect this dot in the last six months, so you’ll have to give credit for the late-bloomer that it is. I am excited for my new home, new friends, new opportunities, but the path here has been no cakewalk, and I don’t wish the process of moving on anyone. And friends, even with those bright shiny opportunities off in the distance, the mountain of interim challenges to get there loom GIANT in the foreground.

Take today’s joy: my socks are now in a dresser. This might seem small, but I have had my socks in a suitcase, often on the floor, since the first of June, and we’ve been in the new house nearly a month. Bonkers.

There have been ugly cry sessions over the current location of socks.

Because moving. Is. Hard.

Lots of things in life are hard. Lots of things, with work and great tenacity, will lead to amazing outcomes. And are still hard.

So today, if you are sitting in something hard, here are my wishes for you:

  • Somewhere, somehow, that you’ll find a small victory today
  • That you’ll be spared socially awkward questions that do not serve your journey
  • In the times you’re not spared, a good friend with whom you can shake your head at the questions asked
  • Grace in the journey, because woah, nelly, we all need buckets of grace
  • Someone to catch you when you need to rest (or cry) along the way
  • Glimpses of your bright future ahead
  • Be kind to each other out there today. We all need it.
  • ~Me
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    1. I too am moving…I too feel all the pain you just shared. Moving.Is.Hard. I have been in a hotel for 2 weeks so far in the transition… separated from family until I can secure a home. its like you just spoke my mind.

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