Taking attendance

New season, who dis? Confession: I am a runner who takes winters solidly off. It’s dark, it’s wet, cold, it rains, did I mention dark and cold and wet? Between that and time change, my morning run times become inhabitable. This year I opted to work exclusively inside in the off season, so it’s been... Continue Reading →


I started my birthday with a run. Running has grown to be my place of solitude and peace, where I work out all the feelings and tensions of a challenging world. It’s a return, as the pandemic, like in so many cases, took me away from my practice. I’m grateful for the ability to run,... Continue Reading →

Balancing Act

I can’t handle drafts. It started in one of my first office jobs, when I kept moving my chair to another location to escape the breeze. I’ve created paper diverters with beige folders to point the air another way. I’ve had long talks with facilities directors about vent systems. Sweaters, heaters, you name it. Moving... Continue Reading →

Maybe it’s me, maybe not

Hey there to the everyone here! I’ve come to a conclusion: I can’t take the social media thing any more. I’m an early adopter in most things, and the big blue F was no exception, but these days, it’s changed. Social media leaves me feeling, more often than not, empty, angry, and generally disappointed. Bummer.... Continue Reading →

That running thing

If I’m being honest, even I don’t quite understand it. For some deep-seated reason, I choose to go out and run long distances, mostly to prove to myself the ability to do the damn thing. It leaves me physically tired, mildly beaten, calloused, chafed, and smelly. It takes time from my schedule and my family.... Continue Reading →

Here for the long game

Here I am. Sweaty face. Hair in last night's braids. Headband with paint from who-knows-what project. Fresh off my morning run. I want to share with you my current mantra, because it is slowly but surely changing how I am growing. "I am in this for the long game." Let that sit for a second.... Continue Reading →

The fall

That lower-case 'f' is on purpose. We're not talking a season here, we're talking an experience. A not-awesome experience. On a quick decision, I signed up for a half marathon next July. Awesome. No problem. I'm out of shape, but this is something I've done before, so it feels like a doable goal, something to... Continue Reading →

Passion: 2

Okay, now we've discovered something you are passionate about - hooray! But Caryn, why did you ask us to sit with it for a minute? I'm glad you asked! If you're anything like me, it can take a moment of reflection to determine if something truly is mine, or if it's something I have assumed... Continue Reading →


A few weeks ago, I asked all of you what you wanted to hear about, and the topic of passion came up. Specifically, finding passion again. I've spent time mulling the topic and have decided a few things. First, I am by no means an expert. Second, this is definitely something worth talking about. Third,... Continue Reading →

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