Taking attendance

New season, who dis?

Confession: I am a runner who takes winters solidly off. It’s dark, it’s wet, cold, it rains, did I mention dark and cold and wet? Between that and time change, my morning run times become inhabitable. This year I opted to work exclusively inside in the off season, so it’s been recumbent bike, rowing machine, Barre3, and TRX. Rinse and repeat. Which leaves me better than most season starts, sort of.

Like most of us, the pandemic left me with figurative and literal baggage, so I’m hoping to leave most of that on the roads.

This week marks the beginning of for-realists training for the two (TWO!) half marathons on the calendar this year, so I took advantage of a sunny Sunday afternoon to get the first run out of the way. It was as bad as expected. Cardiovascular-wise, I was fine, but seriously, my lower legs forgot how to turn over. Thankfully we’ve got about a million repetitions to work that out.

Three miles, run-walk-run. Shoes, check. Lungs, good. Glutes, better get ready. Calves, time to get it. Shins, we gonna work this out. And feet?

Feet, don’t fail me now.

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