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Professional Health: Daily Planning

Want to improve your work life? Make a daily plan. (This is my secret sauce.) As I’ve said before, it’s no secret that I’m a planner. I like goals, I like processes, I like lists. From a mental perspective, writing things down helps tremendously to clear my brain and maximize the usable space for tasks… Continue reading Professional Health: Daily Planning

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Mental Health: Stay in Your Own Lane

Confession: I’ve always found it interesting to hear pastors talk about how they set out to preach a great sermon, and end up preaching primarily to themselves. I found it slightly dubious. No longer. I drafted the outline for this week’s topics and found them just fine. And then I arrived at today’s selected topic.… Continue reading Mental Health: Stay in Your Own Lane

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Physical Health: Kick out Sugar

I’m not going to start with a 100 squat challenge or a mile-a-day run. You’re welcome. The central point of this whole series is incremental, sustainable change. So we’ll start with something a little closer to home, a little easier to swallow, a simpler change. We need less sugar in our lives, y’all. I was… Continue reading Physical Health: Kick out Sugar