Financial Health: Awareness

I know. I’m sorry. Finances are a part of reality, y’all.

Today will be short, because it’s Friday. (Today will also be without a picture, as I’m blogging on my phone with my Bluetooth keyboard, plugged into an electrical jack at a friend’s house. Viva la technology! Viva la blogger!)

Regardless of your leanings, we live in a world that runs on money. There’s no changing that. We can’t roll back the clock to an agrarian, barter-based society. And given my hesitancy in numbers (math!), I’m not a good fit for a bartering system. So, deal with money we must.

A friend once told me that the average person spends $300 over a weekend. And she’s right; after this particular conversation, my husband and I began to pay attention and it was true. We spent about $300 every weekend. 

Financial health starts with awareness. Get that ostrich head out of the sand. Get your head into your finances. Know what you have, know what you’re spending, know what the balance is. 

First, know thyself, then you know where you stand.

Happy Friday, y’all. Try not to spend $300 this weekend!


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