Balancing Act

I can’t handle drafts. It started in one of my first office jobs, when I kept moving my chair to another location to escape the breeze. I’ve created paper diverters with beige folders to point the air another way. I’ve had long talks with facilities directors about vent systems. Sweaters, heaters, you name it. Moving... Continue Reading →

Maybe it’s me, maybe not

Hey there to the everyone here! I’ve come to a conclusion: I can’t take the social media thing any more. I’m an early adopter in most things, and the big blue F was no exception, but these days, it’s changed. Social media leaves me feeling, more often than not, empty, angry, and generally disappointed. Bummer.... Continue Reading →

That running thing

If I’m being honest, even I don’t quite understand it. For some deep-seated reason, I choose to go out and run long distances, mostly to prove to myself the ability to do the damn thing. It leaves me physically tired, mildly beaten, calloused, chafed, and smelly. It takes time from my schedule and my family.... Continue Reading →

What my latte told me to do…

Okay maybe not just my latte. Maybe it was my business coach, and my friends, and my graduate degree cohort, and... and ... and ... Guys, I love to write. I love stringing words and ideas together to share the specifics of what is in my head and on my heart. It makes me happy.... Continue Reading →

Holding space

I'll confess: my life circumstances have a direct effect on my publishing. Sometimes when things are in process that I can't talk about, I don't write for fear of tipping hands that can't afford to be tipped. I'm fully human, which means that even though we live in a compartmentalized fashion, tending and grooming our... Continue Reading →

This was the pancetta…

This was the pancetta. The pancetta represents my life a bit right now. It started off all well... I was cooking a great recipe for Sausage Kale Sweet Potato soup, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to take pictures along the process?" Here's the pancetta, here goes the sausage, and on through the process.... Continue Reading →

The List

It came today. The List. The List from the school teachers. Their list, with their expectation and needs and supplies and papers and crayons and... wait, is that? What can it be? The sweet smell of kids-back-in-school? Bless it. The List heralds the end of the summer, the light at the end of the mom-I'm-bored... Continue Reading →

My traveling manifesto

As you can probably guess, I've spent a LOT of times on planes recently, and as such, have been developing my own set of rules for the process.  1: Comfortable shoes are of tantamount importance.  2: Every person has their own value matrix for checked baggage costs vs. carry-on hassle. Mine weighs to the less... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Anchorage

Of the last 90 days, I have spent roughly 57 of them in this fair city, and an additional 5 in Juneau. Alaska has been the word of the summer. This has been no vacation, far from it. The work has been heavy, but good, and the light begins to shine in the distance. As... Continue Reading →

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