On breathing…

I know, I know, two coffee-related posts in two days. Sheesh. But here's the deal. This is Friday of my first week at a new job. It's been full. I've been stretched. It's been amazing. And today, I received a beautiful gift. As I was making my latte, I looked up and realized that I... Continue Reading →

Foodie Observations

For those that don't know, I consider myself a "Foodie." I love beautiful, well-crafted foods of most any kind, and deeply appreciate the art therein. I love to cook, to talk about cooking, to critique foods, and to learn about how recipes work. C'est magnifique!I was shopping today at the grocery in preparation for Thanksgiving,... Continue Reading →

What I’ve learned…

1,788 miles32 hours in a Chevy Malibu (only includes town to town driving, no in-town)1 cabin, 5 homes2 bikes which became 3 bikes which became 1 different bike which became 2 bikes43 family members11 village membersLowest temperature: 45 degreesHighest temperature: 105 degrees13 buy-off gifts for my 5 and 7 year old boysOne epic trip.1) Whether... Continue Reading →

I believe in Santa

I know, not what you expected on July 6th. Whatevs.Today, my 7-year-old asked the question. THE question. Driving in the car to one place or another:"Dad? Mom? Is Santa Claus real?"(*Side note: Every question, and I mean EVERY question in my car starts with a title query. "Mom?" "Yes." "What's seven times nine?" "Sixty-three." .... Continue Reading →

My entourage

I have been chewing on an idea lately. Processing the thought of what each of our personal burdens looks like. Feels like. Carries like. When we pass on the street or in church and ask "How are you doing?""Fine." *blink, blink*What if there was someway to shake up reality so that you carried the burdens... Continue Reading →


In typing out that title, I'm not sure it completely works, but whatever.Breathe in, Breathe out. Today is the first day of summer. *bing*I find it ironic that my first *real* day of summer coincides with the official, calendar-y, everyone else agreed start to summer, June 21st. Woohoo!I have spent the last two glorious weeks... Continue Reading →

Mama’s two-fisting it again…

Welcome to the first official day of summer. <throws confetti>Actually, not really. It'll start in two weeks. More on that later.We started vacation off with a whimper, due to some LATE night drama last night. But all is well, everyone's alive (to the best of my knowledge), and we made it home safe & sound.... Continue Reading →

Managing the "feeds"

Welcome back, self.Thanks, self! Glad to be here!Today is the final day. The Finish. The last page. The school year is ending.This comes with much mixed feelings, as I LOVE me some public schooling. I also LOVE the personal time that is given to me each and every school day. But let's be real, folks:... Continue Reading →

Fool me once…

Today my six-year-old called me from school. I almost didn't answer the call, as I assumed it was one of those pre-recorded messages about the book fair, parent booster clubs, etc. Nope. This was a very nice woman informing me that my son was in the office complaining that he felt like he was going... Continue Reading →

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