Excerpt from “Only Words and Music and Angels”

Listen to this song baby girl. Listen to the words . . . but also listen to the music. Do you hear that? Honey: if the space around you became visible to you- if you could suddenly SEE the air surrounding you- it would look like that music sounds. The space around you is not empty- it’s as full as that music. The space around you is soft and full and as forgiving as cotton. You are held. Cushioned. There is no emptiness around you. The air around you is not empty and it’s not silent. Listen to those voices. They’re angels. SOUND is surrounding you, honey. Like crystals hanging from heaven.  This is reality: You are not alone and you are not untethered and the space around you and inside of you is not empty. It’s full and solid and safe. You are being held and grounded and you will not be let go. Ever. Not ever. Listen. I need to you keep listening till you hear and I need you to keep looking till you see and I need you to keep being still till you understand.”

From Glennon Doyle Melton HERE

Preach on, G. Preach, girl.


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