The List

It came today.

The List.

The List from the school teachers.

Their list, with their expectation and needs and supplies and papers and crayons and… wait, is that? What can it be? The sweet smell of kids-back-in-school?

Bless it.

The List heralds the end of the summer, the light at the end of the mom-I’m-bored tunnel we’ve all been trudging. Sweet loving schedule, here we come!

But between here and there lies the gauntlet: The back-to-school shopping.

I love to shop, don’t misunderstand. But the scavenger hunt of specific items leaves me cold. And stressed. And more than a tich overwhelmed.

Besides the overwhelm, I have a soft spot for office supplies, and school supply shopping treads far too near the territory of “Ooooh, but it’s such a nice pen! And look! Coordinating stapler!”

I’m a mom, a wife, a working professional, a self-caring human, a musician, and a grad student. Ain’t nobody got time for scavenger hunting. So I’ve made a decision: door number three. For my own personal welfare and the safety of my budget:

We’re ordering in.

That’s right, school supplies a la slacker. I will point, click, and ship my children’s school supplies to the front porch. Heck, I might even have it drop-shipped directly to the classroom. See that supply list, it’s handled. Boom.

You’re welcome,


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