My traveling manifesto

As you can probably guess, I’ve spent a LOT of times on planes recently, and as such, have been developing my own set of rules for the process. 

1: Comfortable shoes are of tantamount importance. 

2: Every person has their own value matrix for checked baggage costs vs. carry-on hassle. Mine weighs to the less hassle side. 

3: Drink water. Lots of water. 

4: When you can, use land-based restrooms rather than peeing mid-air. 

5: You’ll never regret eating more fruits and vegetables. 

6: We all have time to be kind. Even when pressed to make a connection. 

7: Courtesy is the salve that eases all airline employee interactions. 

8: Workers are people, too. Ask them about their day. Go for the shared laugh. Smile, smile, smile. 

9: Wear or carry a scarf or sweater that is soft and can double as a small blanket. Regardless of weather on either side of your itinerary. 

10: You’re not driving, so if an adult beverage is what’ll get you through? Cheers, my friend. 

11: Look out the window during take offs and landings. Every city is beautifully unique from the air. 

12: You’re not married to, nor do you own, a particular seat. We’re all arriving there together. 

13: When all else fails, be a helper. 

Happy travels,


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