Passion: 2

Okay, now we've discovered something you are passionate about - hooray! But Caryn, why did you ask us to sit with it for a minute? I'm glad you asked! If you're anything like me, it can take a moment of reflection to determine if something truly is mine, or if it's something I have assumed... Continue Reading →


A few weeks ago, I asked all of you what you wanted to hear about, and the topic of passion came up. Specifically, finding passion again. I've spent time mulling the topic and have decided a few things. First, I am by no means an expert. Second, this is definitely something worth talking about. Third,... Continue Reading →

Off the top

I don't know about you, but today for me was a full day. You know the ones, where you get pivots and unexpected shifts which can be challenging to navigate. I came home to find that all my peoples had similar days. There were tears, disappointments, boundary-drawing (no, you cannot play Xbox when you are... Continue Reading →

“This is the Ugly Book”

I have a small spiral notebook that I carry in my purse. One of my goals this year is to write more, and as a working, busy, full-schedule mom and wife, there are moments when I have a great spark of an idea, an epiphany. They're amazing. And short. And often, they fly away as... Continue Reading →

Where have all the words gone?

I've been busy, writing words and words and words and words. Graduate school is comprised of reading and writing and writing and writing. Therefore, the flow of words has been diverted elsewhere. Never fear, I still think of y'all. There's been a loss in my family this week, which might be the reason I'm here... Continue Reading →

Faith or Force? Grace or Gains?

If you've spent any amount of time with me, ┬áit's easy to see that I am a person who sees in structure, organization, and process. I like calendars, to-do lists, plans for growth, and goal targets. These have all been awesome for the wild ride that is my life with two sons and a busy... Continue Reading →

No leads to yes

Hi. I've been elsewhere. I'm back. I've recently given a lot of thought to the idea of 'no'. We don't like 'no's. Or, at least, we profess to not like them, although I wonder if that's rooted in a fear that others will not like our 'no's. Projecting our internal fears of others onto ourselves,... Continue Reading →

On leaving well…

My dear readers, Looking through the site, I found this old draft from before. (Love me in all my foibles, but the exact timeline on this one is fuzzy.) I didn't post it, because the moment it which it was written in was too fresh for many. My hope is that it has aged like... Continue Reading →

The Before and After

*Note: this post was originally drafted in December 2012.* Sometimes you get the opportunity to live through an experience, whether personally or vicariously, that forever changes the landscape of a life. That thing that will forever set a line of demarcation of what came before and what comes after. The accident. The death. The loss.... Continue Reading →

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