Faith or Force? Grace or Gains?

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me,  it’s easy to see that I am a person who sees in structure, organization, and process. I like calendars, to-do lists, plans for growth, and goal targets. These have all been awesome for the wild ride that is my life with two sons and a busy husband.

Last night the calendar rolled from 2015 to 2016, and everyone was given a new slate of a WHOLE NEW YEAR to spend as they wish. Facebook has been awash with reflection, inspiration, aspiration, and go-getters getting geared up for goals.


I’ve been thinking.

This year’s turning of the calendar has been marked with circumstances unlike previous years’. I find myself without a big go-get-it goal to shoot for. And that’s an uncomfortable place for me. I like starting out with a giant target, breaking it down to bite-size chunks and setting quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily targets to move towards that ultimate vision.

But here’s the deal: that’s not my season right now.

Right now, the circumstances of my life, the water that I’m swimming in, are processes and moments that are not defined by go-get-it. These are moments that ask of me faith, perseverance, grace, peace. I’ve heard often that faith is being obedient to the last thing God told you to do, until He tells you to do something different. In this moment, I’m doing what He said. I’m working full-time, I’m pursuing a Master’s degree, I’m loving on my family, I’m supporting my husband. Is it perfect? No. Is it where I think we’ll be forever? No. But it’s where I am now.

It’s challenging in today’s culture of “get better” and “go get it” and “just do it” mentalities to stand in the middle of processes. I’m not in a microwave, I’m in a slow-cooker. And I’m right where I’m supposed to be. So my New Year’s resolution for this year?

Hold the course.

Stay faithful.

Scatter grace.

Breathe peace.

If you find yourself today in a place that calls for action, know that I’m cheering for you. Hit those business targets, start that program, lose those inches, gain those awards. Go for it; you’ve got this.

But if you find yourself today in the midst of the long haul, where the goals are far ahead and the processes sometimes beyond your power to influence, know that I’m here with you. Keep breathing. Keep moving. Keep praying. Yours is the chrysalis process, which to the outside can look stagnant.


Until finished, when we emerge transformed.


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