Off the top

I don't know about you, but today for me was a full day. You know the ones, where you get pivots and unexpected shifts which can be challenging to navigate. I came home to find that all my peoples had similar days. There were tears, disappointments, boundary-drawing (no, you cannot play Xbox when you are... Continue Reading →

Emotional Health: Pray

Hm, prayer. If you're anything like me, the idea of prayer comes with a mixed bag of emotions. As I've said, I'm Christian, so my prayer is directed at God. But, having been raised in a religious family, there are multiple flavors to the idea of prayer. Guilt. Hope. Desperation. Peace. Obligation. Dedication. And on... Continue Reading →

Faith or Force? Grace or Gains?

If you've spent any amount of time with me, ┬áit's easy to see that I am a person who sees in structure, organization, and process. I like calendars, to-do lists, plans for growth, and goal targets. These have all been awesome for the wild ride that is my life with two sons and a busy... Continue Reading →

On leaving well…

My dear readers, Looking through the site, I found this old draft from before. (Love me in all my foibles, but the exact timeline on this one is fuzzy.) I didn't post it, because the moment it which it was written in was too fresh for many. My hope is that it has aged like... Continue Reading →

The Before and After

*Note: this post was originally drafted in December 2012.* Sometimes you get the opportunity to live through an experience, whether personally or vicariously, that forever changes the landscape of a life. That thing that will forever set a line of demarcation of what came before and what comes after. The accident. The death. The loss.... Continue Reading →

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