What my latte told me to do…

Okay maybe not just my latte. Maybe it was my business coach, and my friends, and my graduate degree cohort, and… and … and …

Guys, I love to write. I love stringing words and ideas together to share the specifics of what is in my head and on my heart. It makes me happy.

Here comes the irony, though. While I write generally by myself, I feel like my writing is best when my subject topics come directly from interaction with other humans. I live for the zing that happens when a conversation feels relevant to share in a wider context. Generally, the blog posts here come either from a recent talk, or from some issue weighing heavy in my mind. But this constitutes me, standing on a mountain, talking about what I think you want to hear.

That’s kind of weird.

Which brings me to all of you – hello out there, great wide world!

What do you want to talk about? What’s interesting to you? Comment below, shoot me a DM, send a carrier pigeon or smoke signal. And then maybe we can talk about it.


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