Why I meal prep

Stomach: Hey, guys, mebbe we should, you know, eat something? Heart: What about something cheesy? Carby and cheesy and salty? With something sweet after? Yeah, sweet would be great. So, so great.... Wallet: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Pants: Also aaaaaaaaaaa! Self: *retrieves pre-made, healthful lunch from work fridge* Heart: No way. There's no way this will be nearly... Continue Reading →

Financial Health: Awareness

I know. I'm sorry. Finances are a part of reality, y'all. Today will be short, because it's Friday. (Today will also be without a picture, as I'm blogging on my phone with my Bluetooth keyboard, plugged into an electrical jack at a friend's house. Viva la technology! Viva la blogger!) Regardless of your leanings, we... Continue Reading →

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