Mental Health: Stay in Your Own Lane

Confession: I’ve always found it interesting to hear pastors talk about how they set out to preach a great sermon, and end up preaching primarily to themselves. I found it slightly dubious.

No longer.

I drafted the outline for this week’s topics and found them just fine. And then I arrived at today’s selected topic.


<deep breath>

Here goes nothing.

Friends, we’re all more than a bit messed up in the head by keeping tabs on everyone else’s business. Social media is amazing. FOMO is not. Seeing and sharing the joys of others can be wonderful. Jealousy and depression are not. We walk a delicate balance with every swipe, click, and scroll.

I’m not the first to raise this issue by far, and I’m by no means perfect. The challenge to engage in social media without letting it eat my soul alive  is no small potatoes. So, let’s set up some base assumptions to help guide the path.

  1. We’re all presenting our A-game online.
  2. Photoshop and filters, smoke and mirrors.
  3. Yes, they’re out having a party.
  4. No, you might not have been invited.
  5. No, social media might not have changed anything to the truth of that scenario, other than your awareness of what’s going on.

So how do we deal?

Know who you are. Know what you’re supposed to be about. Know who your people are. Go be with them. Preferably in person.




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