Saturday morning

Monday through Friday, I hustle. I #Werk. I roll myself out of bed before the rest of my people, dress like the #BossLady that I am, and walk my high-heeled self out the door to hit the office. And once I’m there, it’s nonstop. Email. Phone calls. Meetings. Instant Messages. Text Messages. Conference calls. GoToMeetings. Marketing design. More meetings. Strategy. I am the essence of getting it done.

Right now, the work space is super-full, so to the chagrin of my husband, I am working through more lunches and staying late more often than I prefer, and far more than is my habit.

Like I said: hustle.

But today is Saturday, and Saturday is my gift to me. As much as is possible, I give myself the all-access pass to whatever I want on Saturday.

Television till noon? Cool.

No shower? Sure.

Don’t want to leave the house yet? ‘Kay.

It’s the 180-degree shift from the rest of my week, and sister, it’s vital. When you’ve run for five days with your foot pressed full-tilt on the accelerator, there’s a time when you need to just stop. Stop. Breathe. Listen.

A friend of mine is the Pied Piper of self-care and self-love and self-awareness, and it’s brilliant. As women, we’re awful at listening to our inner voice, and we and everyone around us eventually pay the price.

So, dear friends, this is what I recommend for you today: take a deep breath, get quiet, then ask yourself, “What do we want to do today?”

And then? Go get it done.


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