Bathing Supta Baddha Konasana

This weekend found me holding space for several issues in several roles (no, we’re not talking about those today), and it came at a cost. I’m tired. I’m at the end of myself. So I pulled out my list and opted to take care of me.

First, alone time. There was too much out and not enough in for this introvert.

Second: bath. Water is soothing balm, especially when combined with @lushcosmetics bath bombs. To my delight, I discovered that the rose bath bomb has actual rose petals. Be still my heart.

I lit a candle.

I sat in the pink waters in what I’m calling “Bathing Supra Buddha Konasana”, which my yoga friends will translate to “Bathing Reclining Goddess”. And I breathed deep. Somewhere in this world, there must be an in-water yoga class, because I’ve never felt quite so connected to my breath.

I played soft music.

And I had the slave food of the ancient pharaohs. Which the Egyptology types will tell you is beer.

Oh, and I shaved my legs, because #SelfCare.

Now I pour a small portion of myself onto the page.

In the days to come I’ll sort through all the items for which I held space, sift the chaff and wheat, and make some decisions, but tonight was a space held for me.

Lovelies, there is chaos everywhere. Life is a bright, hot mess. Consider this your carte blanche permission to fill your cup. #Namaste


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