My husband, the boy scout

I love my husband.

He’s an incredible man, and one of the things that definitely showcases the my weakness/your strengths part of our relationship is that he is such a preparation kind of guy. Make no mistake, when it comes to logistics and planning of life, I’ve got him aced across the board. BUT, when it comes to going places, traveling, general doing, I like to travel light. Really light. Almost too light at times.

Husband, on the other hand, is the preparation dude.
Water? Check.
Snacks? Check.
Meal? Check.
Chains? Check.
Toolkit in the trunk? Check.
Atlas of all 50 states? Check.
Coats? Check.
Hats? Check.
You get the idea….

On more than one occasion, we’ve been headed out on an adventure, and I’m sitting in the passenger seat, raring to go, and he’s packing sandwiches and snacks. And I’ll be honest, I’m not always the most gracious about that particular behavior.

Fast forward to this evening, in which we attended a concert of student recitals. In a most unfortunate turn of events, there was some metal object loose on the piano frame, and it buzzed, and buzzed, and buzzed. Every time a particular key or key center was encountered – buzz. Finally, husband had had enough, and went to discover the source of the buzz. Upon finding it, he needed an adjustable wrench to fix it. Never fear, adjustable wrenches are in the trunk! So, off he traipses to the car, brings in the toolbox, tightens the frame, and saves the day!

My husband is the hero! My husband the ‘boy scout’, who’s never been a Boy Scout. Love that man.


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