Living life with an open hand

Today I experienced a significant shift in perspective. Having gone to college and graduated into “real life”, I discovered that “real life” comes at quite a cost. Not that I wasn’t aware that things carried cost prior to that point, but landing smack dab into that puddle of reality locks in the concept. Everything-in-life-costs. Welcome to adulthood 101, here are your student loans to repay.

In the (almost) ten years that I’ve been married, we’ve moved our home seven times, three of which were over distances of hundreds or thousands of miles. Again with the cost. We’ve had two lively aforementioned boys, which again, cost.

While feeling richly fortunate, I have also at many times felt starkly in the center of the “needing” bucket.

Coming to the present day, I find myself in a home that I (and the bank) own. There aren’t exactly words to describe what kind of peace that brings to the center of the soul of a woman who tends to her family home. This is a big deal! Slowly, with that new reality settling in, I am finding myself in a new and different place. One of being able to fill needs. And it’s amazing.

I spent time with a dear friend today, and in the course of our conversation, heard needs that I had means to fill, and proceeded to do so. I had things in my possession that I a) was not currently using, b) felt no need to find a way to use, and c) had no foreseeable conditions coming up in which I might in the future need these things.

After a decade of purchasing items for their versatility in fitting any home/floor plan/square footage/decor, I can clearly say, “Nope, I don’t need that, nor will I ever need that in this house.” and in turn, give those things on to those that do need them. This, my friends, is amazingly great.


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