The Big 7

Before we jump into 21 days of mindful growth, let’s start with a lay-of-the-land conversation. I’ve read many systems for goal setting, with categories ranging from five to eight. After a small hiatus from the works of others, I settled on seven categories that cover the breadth of a healthy life.

  1. Physical Health: Come on, you knew this one was coming, right? It’s your body, you’ll live in it for as long as you live, take care of it. This is not driven by some aspiration to have the perfect anything, but rather to embrace HEALTH.
  2. Mental Health: This is the training of your brain. For many of us, once we left the formalized educational system, we checked out of growth patterns for our mind. Fear not; it will not take a ton of time invested to keep your mind growing and improving.
  3. Professional Health: Unless you’re independently wealthy, I’m guessing you work for a living. (And if you are independently wealthy, might I suggest directing your philanthropic efforts towards a certain redhead?) The workplace is a challenging, competitive place, and those who are actively seeking to improve will succeed. Period.
  4. Emotional Health: We’re all emotional critters, men and women alike. It’s no secret that many ills of society stem from emotional wounds, scars, and baggage. Better to tend your emotional garden now, rather than be overcome in challenging times.
  5. Financial Health: Again, you knew this one was going to be here. Finances. Money. Debt. Budgets. Bills. Investments. It’s real life, folks, and we’re going to collectively pull up our big-girl/big-boy pants and take action.
  6. Relational Health: None of us live in a vacuum, but with our wireless society, we’re more separate than ever. But life lived outside of community lacks richness. We’ll talk about friends, family (ouch), mentoring, and people in general. But in a good way. No gossip, eh?
  7. Spiritual Health: I personally am a Christian, so for me, this one is relationship with God. Regardless of your personal faith journey, we are all comprised of both a physical and spiritual component. When we neglect our spiritual balance, life begins to limp. And limping along will never get us to the fullness and wholeness we all crave.

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Here we go!


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