The Turning-In Time

I spent nearly ten years as a stay-at-home mother, and one practice continues to nourish my soul. When the boys were small, and the summer sunshine long, I created "Nighttime Lights." All the curtains in the house would close, all the lights would get turned down, and I would create an artificial twilight to send... Continue Reading →


“This is the Ugly Book”

I have a small spiral notebook that I carry in my purse. One of my goals this year is to write more, and as a working, busy, full-schedule mom and wife, there are moments when I have a great spark of an idea, an epiphany. They're amazing. And short. And often, they fly away as... Continue Reading →

The List

I don't know about you, but I'm in a season of life right now that is WORK. Work at work, work at schoolwork, work at schedule, WORK. And some days take all the guts I've got in me. Today was super-full, and capped off with hosting the office Christmas party, and for this high-functioning introvert,... Continue Reading →

Here’s the deal

This goes out to anyone who's ever read my stuff on Facebook, who's enjoyed my wry humor, who likes to interact on this wide jungle gym we call social media. I write this, tongue firmly in cheek, because I have a┬áburning desire to lay groundwork in a completely irrelevant medium, to people who may or... Continue Reading →

Where have all the words gone?

I've been busy, writing words and words and words and words. Graduate school is comprised of reading and writing and writing and writing. Therefore, the flow of words has been diverted elsewhere. Never fear, I still think of y'all. There's been a loss in my family this week, which might be the reason I'm here... Continue Reading →

The List

It came today. The List. The List from the school teachers. Their list, with their expectation and needs and supplies and papers and crayons and... wait, is that? What can it be? The sweet smell of kids-back-in-school? Bless it. The List heralds the end of the summer, the light at the end of the mom-I'm-bored... Continue Reading →

My traveling manifesto

As you can probably guess, I've spent a LOT of times on planes recently, and as such, have been developing my own set of rules for the process.  1: Comfortable shoes are of tantamount importance.  2: Every person has their own value matrix for checked baggage costs vs. carry-on hassle. Mine weighs to the less... Continue Reading →

An open letter to Anchorage

Of the last 90 days, I have spent roughly 57 of them in this fair city, and an additional 5 in Juneau. Alaska has been the word of the summer. This has been no vacation, far from it. The work has been heavy, but good, and the light begins to shine in the distance. As... Continue Reading →

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