Why I meal prep

Stomach: Hey, guys, mebbe we should, you know, eat something? Heart: What about something cheesy? Carby and cheesy and salty? With something sweet after? Yeah, sweet would be great. So, so great.... Wallet: Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! Pants: Also aaaaaaaaaaa! Self: *retrieves pre-made, healthful lunch from work fridge* Heart: No way. There's no way this will be nearly... Continue Reading →

Fear as a fence

I was talking with a coworker the other day and we kept circling around a specific topic. Her words: "I'm afraid I'll mess something up." Oh, sweet friend. I get this. I get the fear of failure, the sting of being wrong, of somehow creating an unsolvable mess, especially in the professional realm. We as... Continue Reading →

What my latte told me to do…

Okay maybe not just my latte. Maybe it was my business coach, and my friends, and my graduate degree cohort, and... and ... and ... Guys, I love to write. I love stringing words and ideas together to share the specifics of what is in my head and on my heart. It makes me happy.... Continue Reading →

Today’s victory

We have recently moved. And when I say "recently," please understand that this has been a process that started in February, capped with nearly a month of transitional housing. All along the way, people have asked that dreaded question: "Are you excited?" They have bright, wide eyes and good intentions. They are usually smiling. And... Continue Reading →

Self-care, yo.

Today I received some really good news. Like, turn-the-corner good news. And in celebration, I went out and got a pedicure. Pedicure was not the only option in this kind of case. Celebrations can include all kinds of things. Foods. Drinks. Sweets. You get the drift. But right now, I'm working on my self from... Continue Reading →


It's the sound you never, ever want to hear. I was exercising at home, running with high knees, when, POP went my calf. It was audible, and hit me like a sucker punch in the gut. Joints go pop, knees go pop, muscles should certainly not go pop. But there I was, sitting on the... Continue Reading →


Fret: to worry, be anxious, feel uneasy, be distressed, be upset, a state of anxiety or worry Twenty-five days ago I left my full-time job. These past weeks have felt foreign in a way that seems both normal and absolutely surreal. When I worked a full (overfull, really) schedule, there was always that escapist part... Continue Reading →

Holding space

I'll confess: my life circumstances have a direct effect on my publishing. Sometimes when things are in process that I can't talk about, I don't write for fear of tipping hands that can't afford to be tipped. I'm fully human, which means that even though we live in a compartmentalized fashion, tending and grooming our... Continue Reading →

Gifts I give myself

'Tis the season, people. As a woman-wife-mother-professional-friend in this world, there are many a moment where I feel like I need assistance. Whether that come in the form of a personal assistant, fairy godmother, chef, chauffeur, I'm pretty flexible. I will turn my nose up at no help that is offered in keeping this good... Continue Reading →

This was the pancetta…

This was the pancetta. The pancetta represents my life a bit right now. It started off all well... I was cooking a great recipe for Sausage Kale Sweet Potato soup, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be fun to take pictures along the process?" Here's the pancetta, here goes the sausage, and on through the process.... Continue Reading →

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