I started my birthday with a run. Running has grown to be my place of solitude and peace, where I work out all the feelings and tensions of a challenging world. It’s a return, as the pandemic, like in so many cases, took me away from my practice. I’m grateful for the ability to run,... Continue Reading →

Maybe it’s me, maybe not

Hey there to the everyone here! I’ve come to a conclusion: I can’t take the social media thing any more. I’m an early adopter in most things, and the big blue F was no exception, but these days, it’s changed. Social media leaves me feeling, more often than not, empty, angry, and generally disappointed. Bummer.... Continue Reading →

The most complicated purchase… ever.

I've just purchased three birthday gifts, and I feel like I deserve a freakin' medal. Let me elaborate. My eldest son was invited to multiple birthday parties this weekend. (Oh, the joy of grade-school life) Upon deliberating the inviters, the styles of parties, and who might be there, we landed on two parties with three... Continue Reading →

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