Mi casa

Hello world!

My sister has been requesting pictures of my new house, and I have been dragging, dragging my feet on it. Why? Because I feel like my house is not quite “there” yet… Anyone else there? So, in an effort to get my blogging juices flowing, as well as placate big sis, I will be working through the house room by room, and showing you how I get it from “not quite there yet” to “I’m willing to actually photograph and share it” status.

Here’s the catch: I get to pick the room, and I get to pick the pace. (Insert evil laugh here)

Room 1: Garage Entrance
This is by far the heaviest utilized room in the house. We’re one of those drive-into-the-garage-and-enter-from-there families, which means I almost never see my formal entryway. It’s not the biggest of rooms (can you say “low-hanging fruit”?) but it’s definitely the biggest bug-factor for me, as it’s Entry, Laundry Central, Cleaning Central, and the thing I see every single day.

Before picture. As it was when I got to it.

Mishmash of who-knows-what in the cabinetry above, as well as random stuff on top.

Way too much of everything that gets stored here…

Blech. That’s all I’ve got.

 I started by just emptying out and surveying the space. Thankfully, there wasn’t a whole bunch of stuff to purge (the joys of being a newer homeowner) so the whole process took less than an hour. I emptied the cabinets, sorted the items within, wiped down cabinet interiors, then put the items back. In the process of sorting, I realized there were LOTS of things to be tossed: insect sprays from the Dollar Store that Dwayne purchased 5 years ago – eew.

Took everything out of the cabinetry and sorted into the ever-handy laundry baskets. Not surprisingly, it broke down into three main categories: Laundry stuff, Cleaners, Random Assorted Goods.

Now that the items have been sorted and purged, I can put them back into the shelf with a semblance of order. Top shelf left to right: bubbles, cleaners I need WAY out of kid reach, laundry staples. Bottom shelf left to right: carpet cleaning supplies, daily cleaners, laundry supplements.

 The biggest challenge in the project was final locations: my top-load washer blocks two of the three doors from opening when the washing machine lid is up, so everything that I needed for a load of laundry had to be accessible through one door. (This was the major factor in the pre-set making me crazy…) I’m also 5’6″, so final locations had to be accessible from the floor without requiring my climb on machines. Or getting a stool, I guess.

Cabinets as they are most often used, with top-load lid open, and all necessary implements within reach from one door open.

Just the needed items for current season. (The kids actually have two pairs of shoes and two coats, but I finished when they were at school and had the second set with them.)

Now that it’s finished, I’m much happier. Even though the majority of the change is, for all intents and purposes, invisible when the room is in it’s daily state, just knowing that the interior is better organized makes me happier. And a happier mama makes for a happier house. 😀


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